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Wine Barrels for Sale


Ready to make some wine?

Our Cooper makes each and every wine barrel for sale to the highest of quality from premium American White Oak, toasted to a medium char for all of your aging and decorative needs.

Some truly remarkable changes occur when a wine is allowed to age. The more simple initial aromas eventually give way to a panoply of rounded, complex bouquets.
— Erik Matthews, Wine Maker Magazine

Each oak barrel includes a bung, spigot, stand, paper funnel and instruction card.

Why Oak Barrels?

Oak Barrels have been used for at least two thousand years and are widely known as the best way to age wines and whiskies. Wine and whiskey marry together with wood to form a richer, more complex, and fuller texture when stored in an oak barrel for two reasons; oxidation and chemical compounds.  Controlled oxidation takes place during barrel aging resulting in decreased astringency and increased color and stability. Oak wood is composed of several complex chemical compounds contributing its own natural flavors and textural notes.  Familiar flavors include vanilla, tobacco, tea, and sweet and toasty aromas.  The most expensive wines and whiskies in the world are produced with oak aging, this isn't an option, it's the truth.